3 reasons to visit Brussels: ART NOUVEAU, BEER AND CHOCOLATE

It was for a while that I had this article in the drafts, and then it happened that the terrorist attacks made me wonder what to write about this city ?!

I fell in love with Bruxelles

beyond everything, I fell in love with her calm, her civilization, a timidly powerful city that offers a thousand opportunities without lurking on her as her European capitals.

I would live in Brussels.

It’s a city sewn like a custom-fit to the needs of modern man, without losing respect with nature. It seemed to me to be out of place, however, to be published shortly after the facts we all know. I continue to think so.
When we left, I and Marco, we immediately acclimated, it was easy, it almost seems like a city that follows your rhythms. We also found it very romantic, why? Because you walk a lot, lined ample and lush avenues, small streets with suggestive lights and cozy locals; is full of kids, is a young city (moment is not that I know old I still have time to see the 30 !! eh !!) so it’s easy to turn around and see the “Love is in the air” and then why is the art nouveau city ART NOUVEAU !!!! If like me you have done art studios I put my hand on the fire that the art favorite in high school is art nouveau I ARE SAFE. Serpentine lines, natural and romantic themes, all those arrogant decorations that climb on tables, doors, chairs and furnishings will look like you walk in a photo set with your hat, your business lady and your double breasted jacket . It is also romantic for another reason, Brussels is the city of beer and chocolate. BEER AND CHOCOLATE.

What did we see and what did we eat ?!

To see is definitely the most beautiful square in Europe, where Victor Hugo also lived: the Great Place, I recommend you to see the square in the evening, there is a spectacle of beautiful lights, but if you are pretty central with the hotel will pass us very often, in the historic center there are several very nice squares, walks a lot, stop in the shops you will find nearby because they are very nice! (not so cheap …)
If you like museums and cartoons you can not miss the Museum of the Cartoon where you can see many original tables, but Brussels is an open-air museum, eye-sharpened because in the corners where you least expect it you can find huge murals with the most famous scenes Tin Tin or Lucky Luke and many other works here is where I’ve seen Europe’s toughest urinals to fight the cheerful Belgian prostates they thought it was okay to place at every corner of the really gorgeous, design-oriented urinals, careful not to get into girls !!
   A bit out of town is the Atomium with metro but you can easily get there. Inside you can see temporary exhibitions, I personally advise you to enter, unless you are a curiosity. Outside is beautiful,, if you arrive when the sun is high and hot you take a nap on the big lawn before the futuristic works the Heysel park.
The famous Manneken Pis is the statue of the baby that makes the pie, in Italy we are full of puttini filling laute ponds of pipi, infinite pies, so you will be a bit disappointed, also because there will be a sea of people and the statue and a little larger than fifty cm. But thanks to him, you will understand why the city with the most irreverent mascot of Europe has the finest urinals in Europe; pee as a topic is something poetic. Beware of calling him a puttino for the Belgians is a true baby, like Pinocchio, dressed in it, according to legend says that the child with the aid of the sprayer has turned off a bomb during a battle.
  The area where the European community is located is the newest and most vibrant city in the city, parks, green areas and rest areas only confirm what I wrote at the beginning, Brussels is a cozy city that prefers common spaces , where you can talk, play, and engage in family activities, even in the package at home. The most beautiful of these is the Parc Leopold II.
Remained in the European community building area (Shuman stop) we started walking and we were in front of a beautiful park, my favorite, Mont des Arts Garden. Before going into this beautiful park, however, my look falls on an example of sublime architecture. The Palace of the Museum of Music The Old England opera by Paul Saintenoy. A triumph of details in a typical ART NOUVEAUuuuuuu style. But Brussels is full of examples of this kind are scattered all over the city, many will find you in this neighborhood, but the neighborhood where you can appreciate the most beautiful palaces is Saint Gilles holds the May part, including Hotel Ciamberlani, and the legendary Victor Horta home of the art nouveau bartender in Brussels. Also nearby are Church of Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg.
Not far from the neighborhood of the European Community but always on foot we visited St. Michel and Gudule a gorgeous Gothic cathedral. Also visit the interiors of Adam and Eve’s Pulpit for Hendrik Frans Verbruggen.
   The Sacred Heart Basilica distant from the center but worth the visit; a large deco-style cathedral that stands on a hillside will surely attract your attention.
  I do not know why Bruxelles people do so much so I know that they drink very well. Considering that the nation is really small it is impressed the number of breweries and the like you will find on the street, which I almost seemed to be almost sober.

What to taste ?!

What not to taste I answer you! Because many beers are very light, such as those with the most varied tastes: cherry, strawberry, chocolate and so on, they are very sweet and you should usually take them with another timeless Waffles. A power of sweetness. With such a deep culture of beer there are several historic pubs one on each one, A la mort subite or near Grand Place there is Les Brasseur de la Grand Place.
If you go to the streets of the center you can find several places where you can eat with little, even because the portions are great, we did not find a particular appeal to street food so to eat and drink consider that you have to accommodate.

What to eat?

Appetizing the desire of chocolate with some flying pralines always available in every shop and corner of the city, a salty plate to be tasted are mussels, moules, I honestly eat them so often, so rather than those in soup we chose those grated cheese (no worse than my dad does not read otherwise he would have been hit by an old sea wolf that is NEVER and I NEVER associate cheeses and fish!) But beyond the transgression with which I risk being disowned by the family I have to say with my Surprise I found them good. We also tasted stewed meat, beer obviously. Needless to say the fries, but not only in the format we already know, but in a thousand thousand different ways, with sauces and cheeses made from losing their heads.
What else to add?
Brussels I like it so much, if you have not been or have been planning to go do it without fear. It is the center of Europe not to make the mistake of programming a few days because there are a few euros in train and a few hours you can see different cities (we after we went to Paris) or the inseparable Belgian couple Bruge and Ghent. But this is another story and I’ll tell you the farther in time!


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